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Started from the Bottom

Since 2017, I’ve been working as a certified Financial Coach who specializes in helping people achieve their financial goals. I coach my clients in a way that utilizes both their heads and their hearts. I first learned about financial coaching when I hit financial roadblocks in my own life. I was struggling to obtain financial freedom. The techniques that I developed were so successful that friends and family began consulting with me on their finances. This motivated me to ensure I am the last generation that starts from scratch. If you have any questions about my methods or would like to schedule a consultation, please get in touch today.


Hi, my name is Dondreá Brown. I am a certified Financial Coach.


My main goal is to help individuals build financial foresight - the ability to plan your financial future - through empowering strategies, activities, and conversations.


I grew up in a single parent household with five siblings.  My mother worked longs hours, multiple jobs and made many sacrifices to ensure our needs were met. Witnessing my mother make these sacrifices for us, not only changed my life, but it laid the foundation for my desire to become financially independent and successful. 


When I began my financial journey, I made many mistakes. First, I accumulated over $100,000 in student loan debt over five years.  Second, I maxed out 3 credit cards on shoes, clothes, food, and miscellaneous purchases. Then finally, I spent over $20,000 on cars that I do not own to this day.  


With over $120,000 in debt I was lost, frustrated, and afraid. It wasn’t until after I graduated that I learned that money does not grow on trees and I needed to pay it back. I decided to educate myself on money management and healthy financial practices. I set financial goals, created a need-based budget, began paying off debt, while contributing to an emergency fund. This process has allowed me to save thousands of dollars,  invest my money and gain the financial freedom I witnessed my mother strive to achieve.


As I continue my financial journey, I have developed a passion for educating and coaching my peers to financial freedom. With each financial goal that is created, the scripture of Luke 14:28 reminds me that I must always count the cost.  

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