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Virtual Presentations and Workshops


I provide culturally relevant group talks, presentations, and engaging workshops in a safe environment for students, families, businesses, and organizations.


Workshop Descriptions

My Money & Me

During this workshop, you will take a financial reality check to assess your financial behaviors and learn realistic strategies to make better decisions regarding your finances. #Countthecost

Let it Grow...
Let it Grow

Investing is an essential component to building wealth. Individuals struggle to invest because they lack the knowledge or don’t know where to begin. Learn how to position yourself to strategically invest your money and time.


What Happens When You Swipe

Through this workshop, you will learn the behavior that is behind each swipe that you decide to make, how your financial future is impacted each time you swipe, and simple ways to eliminate debt.


Last Generation

Use this opportunity to utilize realistic ways to manage and multiply your income to be the last generation to start from scratch.

#lastgeneration #focusonyourfinances

Balling on a Budget

Having a budget does not mean you are eating beans and rice every day. Identify and utilize simple strategies to decrease your expenses while living intentionally.


AND Much More...

...we provide workshops that cover an array of topics. Click below and complete our speaker form to receive additional information and a quote. #somuchmore 

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